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How Cloud Computing is Powering the Agency of the Future

At the height of the Roman Empire, the Romans controlled nearly 1.7 million square miles of land. In order to manage their territory, they built a sophisti­cated network of roads spanning about 50,000 miles. This complex and intricate highway was an engineer­ing marvel for its day; it’s still regarded as a remark­able engineering feat.

Today engineering feats the Romans could only dream of result in new types of highways – digital ones. You can now transport information, computing power, tools and services quickly and efficiently, radi­cally changing the way your agency does business. Powering this digital highway is the cloud, and it is reimagining the way your organization operates.


This report will show you how the cloud is now an essential tool to move your agency forward. There’s simply no denying it: The cloud will shape the agency of the future. That’s why we are thrilled to present this guide, the latest in GovLoop’s “Agency of the Future” series. The series highlights how cutting-edge technology is transforming government agencies, and, more impor­tantly, how you can take advantage of it. This report will provide you with the information you need to know about cloud computing. Specifi­cally, this report includes:

  • Survey results from 223 government profes­sionals. GovLoop recently surveyed our members to explore best practices, strategies and applications of cloud in government.
  • A special interview with industry experts at network solutions firm Brocade, exploring how the cloud has transformed the public sector and how it is foundational for the agency of the future.
  • Six government case studies from cloud.cio. gov highlighting how the government is successfully adopting cloud computing.
  • A local government cloud case study from Casselberry, Fla.
  • A public-sector cloud computing cheat sheet. GovLoop’s cheat sheet will provide you with a syn­opsis of the guide and need-to-know cloud informa­tion.

This is your first step in learning how you can make the most of the cloud. Just like the Romans did with their revolutionary highways, now is the time to break the mold and launch your agency into the fu­ture. As the saying goes, all roads lead to the cloud.

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Achieving agency missions becomes harder and more complex every minute. But with less money in the budget, many agencies are stuck between the need to deliver new services and the cost of supporting old infrastructure. To break the cycle of dependence on proprietary systems and endless service contracts, agencies need simpler, widely compatible network infrastructure that empowers IT and accelerates mission performance.