Powering Growth and Innovation for Hybrid Cloud

Today, federal agencies such as yours are taking significant steps to modernize their systems, opening the door for emerging technologies to increase agility and innovation. Federal employees can experience greater empowerment with new, modernized tools that allow them to focus on strategic work. By equipping staff with cloud computing capabilities and the confidence to take on new responsibilities, government agencies invite fresh ideas, a place to test them and the potential to solve complex issues affecting the environment in which they operate.

But there are challenges to moving workloads to the cloud. A hybrid approach, where on-premise and cloud resources function together, will be the path forward for your agency to be able to make the most of your current assets while benefiting from cloud innovation.

To help federal agencies dealing with multiple facilities, sensitive data related to national and infrastructure security and a variety of user levels and access, GovLoop partnered with DataStax, a leader in hybrid cloud database transformation, for this market trends report. In the following pages, we’ll explore benefits of hybrid cloud and best practices to overcome some of the more common challenges associated with moving to that system.