Securing Your Data in the Cloud

When we think of data breaches, we might picture a TV plotline on shows like “Quantico” or real-life examples like Edward Snowden – where someone intentionally exposes sensitive information. But the reality is that anyone in an agency, ranging from top-clearance levels down to an entry-level worker, can intentionally or accidentally misuse or leak critical data.

This potential is increasing as new technologies put more information and power in the users’ hands. The complexity of governing, tracking and securing content and data has been magnified due to the growth of content-management systems like SharePoint, a business-critical tool that helps organizations place, store, organize and access information from almost any device in a secure manner.

Threats to data are expanding, and managing data in the cloud and on-premises is even more complicated. But there are steps you can take to keep your data secure. In an interview with Gov- Loop, Steven Murphy, Chief Executive Officer, and Jai Dargan, Product Manager, at Metalogix discussed how your agency can deploy cloud files safely and better store, classify and manage data across an organization.

Metalogix provides industry-recognized management solutions for mission-critical collaboration platforms. Its solutions are en- gineered to help you go beyond simply securing your agency’s data, be it in the cloud or on-premises.

One such solution is ControlPoint with Sensitive Content Manager, which can help your agency automatically detect sensitive content, like Personal Identifiable Information (PII), so that during cloud migration, you can easily compartmental- ize this type of data from other files.

In this industry perspective, we explain how Metalogix can help you secure your agency’s sensitive content while still taking advantage of the flexibility of cloud systems like SharePoint Online.