Smoother, Faster, Cleaner, Safer: How Big Data’s Driving the 21st Century

Government’s use of big data is influencing the lives of citizens in countless ways. Nowhere is this more evident than in the area of transportation, where government officials and industry leaders are teaming up to improve how citizens get from one destination to another.

Desiring to look deeper into the impact of big data on transportation services, we reached out to Dante Ricci, the director of strategy and innovation at SAP Public Services. In GovLoop’s latest industry perspective, we share Ricci’s valuable insights and explore case studies that demonstrate the extent to which big data is changing transportation in the United States and Canada. A copy of the industry perspective can be found below:


In the above industry perspective, we analyze the effect of big data on transportation services in cities such as Boston, Massachusetts, Schaumburg, Illinois, and Edmonton, Alberta. We also reveal how big data is helping governments to achieve the following four goals for citizens:

  • Smoother Roads
  • Faster Commutes
  • Cleaner Stations
  • Safer Streets

Overall, the industry perspective demonstrates just one area in which big data is having a huge impact on how government meets the needs of its citizens. Continued advancements in big data technology and government-industry collaboration will result in further improvements in public services, including those related to your daily commute.


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