Software as a Service: The Key to Modernizing Government

On all levels of government, public sector agencies are looking to the cloud to re-imagine their business processes and power new innovations. Through effective cloud deployment and management, organizations can reduce costs, deploy services with agility, and identify new ways to accomplish the complex missions of the public sector.

With the cloud, organizations have gained new ways to access data, software and computing power, all of which have disrupted the traditional notions of IT service delivery.

In a three-part series, GovLoop will highlight the power of the Oracle cloud and explore how Oracle is helping government agencies transform the way they deliver services. Oracle offers both private and public cloud offerings for infrastructure, platform and applications solutions to public sector customers. In part one of our series here, we explore Oracle’s Software-as- a-Service (SaaS) offerings.

“[SaaS] is transforming the way governments are able to deploy capabilities, because it not only gives them quick time to value, but also a way to drive innovation in ways they couldn’t do otherwise,” said Sarah Jackson, Vice President, Sales Engineering at Oracle. Rather than having employees install and maintain expensive software locally, SaaS allows agencies to share applications via the cloud, and quickly deliver modern and powerful computing resources to users.

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Software as a Service: The Key to Modernizing Government