Tech Priorities for a Modern State & Local Government

With information technology, it seems there’s always a catch: Technology continuously evolves, making it tough to stay up to date and on the cutting edge. That’s especially true for state and local governments, which often stare down small budgets for IT and staff. Topping state and local Chief Information Officers’ top 10 priorities list for 2017 is cybersecurity – again. Cloud technology, modernization of legacy IT systems, data analytics workforce shortages, management and consolidation are also top of mind for CIOs at the state and local levels. There’s some good news: Total IT spending across state and local governments is projected at $101.3 billion for 2017, up 1.4 percent from 2016. Cities are expected to spend $30.9 billion on IT this year, while counties are expected to spend $22 billion. Five areas seeing increased spending are cybersecurity, governance, citizen engagement, network broadband and connectivity, and cloud.

In this guide, we’ll look at case studies for nine state and local tech priorities, and provide tips for how you can get started on your own efforts. Additionally, through exclusive interviews, we’ll learn how Stephen Elkins, CIO for Austin, Texas, is tackling workforce shortages, and where Phil Bertolini, CIO for Oakland County, Mich., is focusing his team’s efforts.