The Customer Service Playbook for Government: Your Winning Game Plan

Do you want to deliver great customer service?

Of course you do! So how do you do that?

We’ve all heard the classic case studies in the private and public sectors where organizations get customer service right. While the statistics and stories are helpful, what you really need is a game plan – a “playbook” – that takes you step-by-step through the process of designing, executing and evaluating a world-class program. That’s why we created the “Customer Service Playbook for Government,” which is based on external research, expert interviews,, Oracle resources, and engagement with the GovLoop community. Browse the Playbook below:

In the Customer Service Playbook, we walk you step-by-step through a game plan to:

  • Identify your customer personas.
  • Map the common points of contact.
  • Optimize your customer engagement channels.
  • Coach employees to superior service.
  • Capture return on investment and build a business plan.

The Playbook includes concrete project management steps from planning to reporting to re-imagining how you deliver customer service at your agency. Our playbook also provides you with downloadable templates and a 90-day action plan that may be adapted to assist in transforming your customer-facing activities.


If you are ready to take your customer service initiatives to the next level of excellence, you’ve got a game plan in hand – and we’re cheering for your victories, big and small.

Have you deployed any of these tactics in your
customer service game plan? Tell us below!



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