The Modern Enterprise Data Fabric: Helping the Public Sector Transform Digitally

Governments at all levels have been adopting digital technologies in large numbers over the past few decades to fulfill their missions – be it protection of the country, welfare of the citizen or even to ensure efficacies across their agencies.

But nothing could have prepared them for the new digital transformation that is underway. While promising to deliver unprecedented benefits, including meeting rising citizen expectations, real-time situational awareness and agency efficiencies, this transformation led by innovative technologies is fundamentally changing how an agency functions.

In this industry perspective, GovLoop and Splunk, provider of a leading software platform for real-time Operational Intelligence, have partnered to discuss what digital transformation means for the public sector, how the data deluge is adding to the complexity and how a segment of big data, called machine data, is offering opportunities to ride the digital transformation wave seamlessly and effectively.

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