Tips to Address 6 Common Pain Points in Service Delivery

As private businesses continue to improve their customer support, Americans are starting to increase their expectations of how services should be delivered by government. President Obama even made it a goal in the 2015 federal budget  to deliver “world-class customer service for citizens.” It’s no surprise that better customer service benefits everyone, as poor service results in lack of trust in government and hindered communication with citizens.

Many agencies are making notable efforts to improve customer service delivery for their citizens. This guide discusses six common pain points in customer service delivery and highlights several case studies of government agencies working to address them.

These pain points include:

  • Inconsistent messaging;
  • Failing to connect with users;
  • Cumbersome processes;
  • Outdated technology;
  • Lack of accountability; and
  • Failure to follow up.

Additionally, each section features interviews with government leaders from agencies working to improve their customer services. By setting up efficient and capable services, government can avoid common pitfalls. It can also provide citizens with information they need when they need it, while ensuring processes are simple and that help is readily available.

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