Training the Public Safety Workforce of Tomorrow

For several years, governments at all levels have been preparing for the forthcoming retirements of a large segment of their most experienced workers. The Human Capital Institute reports that 60 percent of the government workforce and 90 percent of its senior leadership are currently eligible to retire.

As of 2016, it appears those retirements may be accelerating across many state and local governments. A 2016 Center for State and Local Government Excellence survey revealed that more than 54 percent of surveyed governments reported an increase in retirements from the previous year.

To prepare for the impending talent crisis, public safety organizations must maintain peak performance and productivity of their current workforces. In order to do so, these entities need an effective talent strategy combined with cloud-based technology to help streamline and automate the processes behind talent management and workforce training.

In this report, you’ll learn how public safety organizations can effectively combine the right talent strategy with cloud-based technology to train their workers as well as manage new, incoming and exiting talent. Additionally, you’ll learn how the Ventura County Fire Department helped its firefighters through better training and management solutions.