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Professional Development in the Age of CMMC: Preparing Your Workforce

A new federal requirement, the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), aims to protect sensitive data across and beyond the defense supply chain. Learn how to establish effective training programs, so your workforce can comply with critical CMMC standards.

Wasting Your Greatest Resource? Get the GOAT in the Game!

The greatest performer in your agency may be someone you don’t call on much anymore, someone who’s older or has survived multiple layoffs and in-force reductions. But overlooking those employees is a mistake.

The 2024 Cyber Agenda: Urgency Drives Innovation

In recent years, the federal government has made greater efforts to advance cybersecurity technology and strategy — such as offering best practices and other guidance, promoting public/private partnerships, and making financial investments. Here’s an overview of four key issues on the cyber agenda.