Understanding the Big Data Advantage for Your Agency

As government continues to gain access to more data, there is a greater need for better understanding how agencies should use and manage big data. It can be overwhelming navigating the world of big data without a proper understanding of data analytics and various tools and entities available. How can an agency modernize its approach to data analytics? What is Apache Hadoop and what role does it play?

By taking this course, you will be enrolled in five lessons about big data and Hadoop, exploring how the right approach to data management and analytics can change the way government agencies meet their missions. We’ll define terms such as big data, Hadoop, and enterprise data hub, examine how they interrelate, and understand how these relate to traditional data management tools. Additionally, you’ll have access to case studies that highlight how government organizations are putting data to use in new, innovative, and cost-effective ways.

We’ll also hear from big data expert Webster Mudge, Senior Director of Technology Solutions at Cloudera. Finally, we’ll provide guidance on how you can get your agency ready to modernize its data management and analytics approach.