Your Roadmap to IT Modernization

Information technology (IT) modernization is one of the hottest topics across government today. IT modernization has revolutionized efficiency, convenience and effectiveness for all users. That’s why agencies within federal, state and local government are eager to take advantage of all that modernization efforts can offer. Frankly, IT modernization for government is a must. Modernization is important to deliver the necessary levels of security, functionality and efficiency to help government employees in their roles. More important, modernization will help government deliver better services to the American public.

But even with all the focus on IT modernization, there still seems to be a lot of confusion, especially with a new administration coming in with new ideas and policies. What does modernization really look like? Is it the same for every agency? Is modernization even achievable with limited budgets and an uncertain future for federal government?

GovLoop’s latest playbook answers those questions and more. This guide provides agencies with:

-A five-play roadmap to help government employees, both IT professionals and non IT professionals alike, get a better sense of where to start on modernization projects;

– An overview of the Information Technology Modernization Fund (ITMF); and

-Featured government success stories highlighting their modernization projects.

Learn how your agency can plan its IT modernization journey, even amid resource constraints and administration changes.