Running an Intelligent Government to Empower Citizens- Virtual Summit

Organizations are creating, storing, and managing more data than ever before. At the same time, over the last few years there has been a huge push for more transparency, collaboration and accountability in the public sector. In the mobile era citizens expect government to meet them in the middle by providing relevant public information anytime, anywhere and on any device. They also want to be more involved in the government process. However, legacy systems, traditional processes, and lagging technology often prevent government from being truly open and collaborative.

While the influx of data, coupled with the transparency and accountability initiatives, presents real opportunities for organizations, it also presents serious challenges. Analytics, for many organizations, can be the answer to driving value out of big data and running an intelligent government. Advanced analytics provides insights into new types of data to make your organization more agile, and to help you answer questions that previously went unanswered. It also helps you leverage performance data to tackle important issues and have a better understanding of what citizens actually care about. Lastly, it prioritizes spending and resources on the most impactful services and pinpoints areas of waste. None of this is necessarily news, but what organizations struggle with is the how, what, and when. How do you organize and analyze diverse data sources? What new tools can ensure you have the most up to date information available to the public? When should you get started and who should lead the process? How do you get buy-in from key stakeholders?

All of these questions are the central focus of building an intelligent government, which is one of the break out session tracks at Oracle’s Public Sector Virtual Summit. It’s all about leveraging analytics and big data to drive public sector performance and empower citizens to take an active role in their government. The sessions will provide you with tangible tips and best practices to improve processes and get the most out of your data.

Oracle’s Public Sector Virtual Summit is free and will feature a keynote session from Thom Rubel, Vice President, Research, IDC, as well as four different break out session tracks ranging from security to data center consolidation. It’s taking place March 6 from 12-4PM ET– you can learn more and register here. This is a great opportunity to learn valuable information about improving IT infrastructure, reducing costs, and delivering better service to citizens without ever leaving your office chair.

Oracle offers an optimized and fully integrated stack of business hardware and software systems that helps organizations overcome complexity and unleash innovation. Check out their Optimize with Oracle group on GovLoop as well as the Technology Sub-Community of which they are a council member.

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