Shutdown: Some Govies Still Get Paid – Do You?

Great article from GovExec that explains quickly how pay could work:

Pay for Some
By Emily Long

As a possible government shutdown approaches, so too does the possibility of federal employees being furloughed and stuck without a paycheck. But some government workers could continue to receive their salaries as usual if new legislation garners congressional support.

According to guidance from the Office of Personnel Management, excepted employees will be reimbursed for work performed during a shutdown, but paychecks will not be issued until appropriations are available. All other workers will be furloughed without pay, though Congress could decide later to reimburse them for that time.

The last time the government shut down in 1995 and 1996, for 27 days at an overall cost of $1.4 billion, furloughed federal employees were paid retroactively for the time they were off the job.

You can read the full article here.

Do you know how the shutdown will affect your pay?

How / Are agencies communicating to you?

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