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Social Mentoring: From Telemachus to Telecommuters

This afternoon, I’m leading a webinar entitled “Using Social Learning to Mentor Agency Professionals” through an invitation from ASTD Government and The Public Manager. My slides are below. In brief, I suggest that mentoring involves three basic elements (and has since the word first appeared in Homer’s Odyssey):

1) Advice

2) Admonition

3) Assistance

While there are different types of mentoring – from formal to informal, group, situational and flash – there is a new type of mentoring exchange that we might call “social mentorship” which leverages social networks and social media to forge connections among individuals in need of advice, admonition or assistance.

That happens on GovLoop every day…and it’s happening across the web in many other online venues where people interact to share knowledge.

How have you experienced “social mentorship” across the web?

Enjoy the slide deck.

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David Dejewski

Andy, no question you guys have done some good work on this. Your program is value added to both mentors and mentees. Nice job. 🙂

Dick Davies

Great presentation! Important Subject! A lot of great material!

IMHO, 2 additions

1. Mentor – Protege (not mentee)

2. An important part of mentoring is showing by example. Exampling is powerful because it affects more than one protege at a time.