Sometimes I Hate the Word Blog

Sometimes I Hate the Word Blog

Sometimes I hate the word blog. It just doesn’t have a great ring to it.

It doesn’t feel classy. It feels demeaning. It feels little. It doesn’t feel awesome.

We need a cooler name for it – that’s more awesome. Ideations. Summations. Fibstations. Gibraity.

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Victoria Shade

Maybe it’s a connotation thing – I’ve been following so many blogs I love for so long, that I tend to think primarily good thoughts when I hear the term. Bloggers, on the other hand… A bit of a mixed bag.

steve davies

Hi Steve

Maybe we need to look to the past and think about what it is that social media actually enables.
Dialogue. And maybe that goes to the heart of the matter. Social media enables large scale dialogue and governments are just coming to grips with that.

So my vote goes to simply calling blogs Dialogues.

Suggest we also look at this cross culturally.

Steve D

Pam Broviak

It’s good because it is short, but it does have a harsh sound. I also think it sounds too much like bog – a word that can have a negative meaning or feeling to it. But a replacement term doesn’t jump out at me.


I know…I don’t think we’ll come up with a great alternative.

But I think sometimes people discount content since just “a blog”. Or even when with government articles sometimes I wanted to read were blocked because “a blog.”

We’ve moved past that in some parts of online media. But I see that still somewhat in gov…


It may be that it is a big category with lots of diversity as well. Same with social networks – people put it into one big class but lots of variation. For examples, there are thousands of different social networks for various goals and can’t lump them in together…formbiz (LinkedIn) to do govt better (GL) for friends (FB) to doctors (sermo)…etc