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Subtract the Hassle From Hybrid Cloud Transition

Agencies are turning to hybrid cloud solutions more and more, as remote work becomes increasingly common. Workers need to find a simple and secure way to collaborate to meet their organization’s overall mission, and hybrid cloud has become the answer for many organizations.

A hybrid cloud platform approach offers both private, on-premises cloud services and public cloud services located off-site. By combining the two options, agencies are able to increase their efficiency when sharing data, as well as their security when it comes to sensitive materials. Other benefits can include the automation of simple tasks and security efforts like patching, as well as containerization to bundle applications for easier use.

The benefits of hybrid cloud are clear but making the actual transition to the platform can be daunting when you have to contend with complications like data sprawl, or the enormous amount of data produced daily by agencies that can get lost and become a target for bad actors.

Check out these videos, “Removing Roadblocks to a Hybrid Cloud Deployment” and  “How One Agency Transformed Vital Operations Without Losing Its Mind,” to help your agency learn best practices for a transition to a hybrid environment and make the process simpler for both IT staff and employees overall. 

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