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Is Al-Qaeda Still A Threat, And How Can Responders Help?

By: TVR – a 28 year veteran First Responder A Rasmussen Reports national telephone poll taken just prior to the 10th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks indicated that 61% of American’s polled thought another attack was likely. Compare these results with a similar 2009 survey, which found that that just 16% ofRead… Read more »

Stowaway: Drawing a line in the sand for Government agencies responsible for transportation security-

By Josh Jacobs Details continue to emerge from a story that broke at the end of June concerning a Nigerian American who bypassed three separate layers of airport security in New York and successfully flew to Los Angeles. It wasn’t until mid-flight that the suspect was asked to present his boarding pass and ID. AfterRead… Read more »

Crippled Yemen government means bigger problems in the “war on terror” by Josh Jacobs

It’s no secret that the country of Yemen is in big trouble both economically and politically but its crippled military operations on several fronts has left a gaping hole for al-Qaeda to continue perusing its global jihad. Claiming responsibility in the foiled Christmas Day US airline bombing and the devastating attack on the USS ColeRead… Read more »