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In-Q-Tel Invests in AppThwack, Socrata for Cloud Services Push

In-Q-Tel has teamed up with AppThwack and Socrata to develop cloud services for the intelligence markets, GCN reported Oct. 1. The CIA’s investment arm intends for the partnerships to help intelligence analysts identify data, share information and assess applications, according to the report. AppThwack will serve to help In-Q-Tel enhance its cloud-based app evaluation platform,Read… Read more »

Boston Bombings: Lingering Questions…

The Boston bombings terror is finally over. Now it’s time to address some vexing questions about how and why this national tragedy occurred in the post-9/11 era of the Patriot Act and Big Brother. To wit: Why was the national intelligence community completely unaware of this terrorist plot? Is it possible this insidious act couldRead… Read more »

DARPA’s Robot Worm, DISA’s Host-Based Security System, and More

Here is today’s federal cybersecurity and information technology news: The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency supported researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, and Seoul National University to create Meshworm, a crawling autonomous soft robot that could one day be used for reconnaissance. More here. The Federal Bureau of Investigation warns of theRead… Read more »

Daily Dose: CIA Twitter Account Suspended, For Being Fake

There is a lot of questionable content that comes across twitter these days. Some of it we, the savvy public, know is questionable — like the seemingly endless stream of parody accounts such as those for Lord Voldemort, Mark Zuckerberg, Betty White, and William Shakespeare. But fake accounts that seem at first glance to haveRead… Read more »

So, You Want to Work for the CIA?

It sounds cliche, but the reality is many defense industry and intelligence community employees serve their country not for the prestige or money (those early in the career know in particular that the money is a poor incentive – but for the sense of patriotism and duty. Getting an inside look into what life isRead… Read more »

Former Marylander Convicted Of Terrorism Majid Khan Helped Plot Indonesia Bombing, Attempted Assassination BALTIMORE — A former Baltimore County man was convicted as a terrorist on Wednesday. Majid Khan, 32, pleaded guilty to helping al-Qaida plot attacks all over the world, including a 2003 car bombing in Indonesia that killed at least a dozen people and the attempted assassinationRead… Read more »

GovBytes: Anonymous targets Alabama in latest attacks by the cyber-insurgency

Anonymous, whether viewed as an online force for good or hackers disguised as do-gooders, have undeniably far-reaching capabilities. They’ve demonstrated this again Friday (2/10/2012) by announcing that they had hacked local and state law enforcement in Alabama to gain access to the information of 46,000 residents. The information includes social security numbers, license plate numbers,Read… Read more »

Is Al-Qaeda Still A Threat, And How Can Responders Help?

By: TVR – a 28 year veteran First Responder A Rasmussen Reports national telephone poll taken just prior to the 10th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks indicated that 61% of American’s polled thought another attack was likely. Compare these results with a similar 2009 survey, which found that that just 16% ofRead… Read more »

Preparing for the Fight

Originally posted on By Prem Iyer, Director of Information Security at Iron Bow Technologies Despite a reported reduction in the number of cyber attacks, major brands and government agencies across the globe have been the targets of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. A notorious hacker group, LulzSec, has recently infiltrated government Web sites belonging toRead… Read more »