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Municipal Collaboration & Innovation in Kansas City

One of the core ideas behind almost everything we do at Code for America is this – governments that face common challenges are uniquely positioned to collaborate and share both ideas and solutions. Nowhere is this potential for collaboration more immediate and more valuable than in the way governments make use of technology. Governments areRead… Read more »

Summer Rejuvenation

The interns have arrived. They’re full of energy and enthusiasm – and great ideas. During their first week we told them all about Code for America, and they told us about their adventures making their way out to San Francisco. It seems they’ve arrived at the perfect time to infuse some energy into the office.Read… Read more »

Coding Better Government

I was laid up sick all last week and didn’t have time to put anything together. Rather than leave you hanging, I’m just going to point you at this TED talk about Coding Better Government by Code for America Founder Jennifer Pahlka. Cheers Originally published by Nick Charney at subscribe/connect Original post

Civic Hackers Invade San Francisco

On the way in to Civic Center this morning, I stopped by the new SoMa offices of Code for America, a non-profit startup that deploys top web professionals in one-year fellowships building Web 2.0 applications for cities across the U.S. The fellows, recruited from around the country, are here for January before heading off forRead… Read more »