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Gov 1310: an Adult Learner’s Experience with the Harvard Cheating Scandal

Among the great experiences of the year just past for me was the opportunity to learn about the US Congress through the Harvard Extension School from Professor Matthew B. Platt in the class Gov 1310. … Yes that class. Nearly one year since the first session of Gov 1310 and headlines about the class continueRead… Read more »

What’s Really in the Sequestration Deal – Plus Your DorobekINSIDER 7 Stories You Need to Know

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER: Budget cuts and the potential for sequestration are always going to be on the table. So DHS’s Chief Procurement Officer says feds need to learn to deal with budgetary reality. Click here for the full recap. But up front: Just about everybody is back to it after holiday distractions. The bigRead… Read more »

Are budget cuts the real catalyst for Innovation?

Think about this; stability rarely breads innovation. Traditions and norms don’t generate creativity. So keeping that in mind, doesn’t it stand to reason, that severe budget cuts like the ones that the government is currently dealing with, could be the real catalyst for growth and innovation? That’s the hope of Alan Balutis. Balutis is seniorRead… Read more »

Sequestration is Delayed – Now What?

Federal agencies received a two-month reprieve from the across-the-board spending cuts that were scheduled to start Jan. 2 under the Budget Control Act, reports Federal News Radio’s Jason Miller. But it’s not all good news. Along with the agreement, Congress also extended the federal pay freeze through fiscal 2013. So what actually in the agreement?Read… Read more »

As 2013 Nears So Too Does the Fiscal Cliff – Plus the DorobekINSIDER 7 Stories

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER: There were pockets of real leadership and satisfaction success in government. The National Credit Union, NASA and the FDA all topped the Best Places to Work survey. So what was their secret? Click here for the full recap. But up front: Fiscal Cliff Watch New York Times: Speaker John Boehner wantsRead… Read more »

Fiscal Cliff Watch – Plus Your DorobekINSIDER 7 Stories

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER: For technology to really move forward, the federal government needs a skilled workforce that can keep up. James Ropelewski is the senior procurement officer at the Education Department. Ropelewski says big data and BYOD will also be big in 2013. Click here for the full recap. Fiscal cliff watch: Politico reports,Read… Read more »

Gun Control Petition becomes most popular ever on White House Website — Plus DorobekINSIDER’s 7 Stories

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER: Could 2013 be the year of mobility for the federal government? Yes, says the CIO at the Interior Department: Bernie Mazer. Mazer was part of our end of year review of the Top Technology Trends in Government. Also topping Mr. Mazer’s list, big data, cybersecurity and cloud computing. For the fullRead… Read more »

Could Sequestration Impact Your COLA? Plus the DorobekINSIDER’s 7 Stories

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER: NASA CIO Linda Cureton tops the list of most social savvy CIOs. But she’s not just a master of Twitter, she is also a Cloud Computing pioneer. Cureton sat down for our first ever Google Plus hangout interview to talk about the Tech Trends in 2012. Click here for the fullRead… Read more »

Fiscal Cliff Could Cancel Congress’ Holiday Plans – Plus the DorobekINSIDER’s 7 Stories

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER: EPA’s CIO Malcolm Jackson sat down with Chris Dorobek for an extended conversation about the tech trends in 2012. It was part of GovLoop’s Government Technology: Year in Review. The review focuses on cloud computing, mobility, big data and agile. Click here for the full recap. Perched on the Cliff: DaysRead… Read more »

Could 1917 Congress Help Solve Sequestration Battle? Plus DorobekINSDIER’s 7 Stories

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER: Should countries govern the internet? That’s the question the creators of the World Conference on International Telecommunications in Dubai are trying to answer. It’s the only conference of its kind in 24 years. Click here for our full recap. We talk about social media and citizen engagement all the time, butRead… Read more »