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Chicago launches innovation fund, asks city depts to create apps

Chicago was one of the first cities to release government data with the hope of enticing civic hackers to create apps to help citizens and government improve services. So far, the experiment has been successful with several new applications powered by government data coming online for citizens. Now, city officials hope to expand these effortsRead… Read more »

Mauricio Cifuentes – The Social Innovation Fund: Implementing Effective Bottom-up Solutions

The essay below has been selected as one of the 15 finalists for the GovLoop and NASPAA Scholarship program. To vote, simply sign in to your GovLoop account (Not a member yet? Sign up for free now!) and then click the big ‘Awesome’ button at the bottom of the post. Everyone is encouraged to voteRead… Read more »

Georgia launches $19.4 million education innovation fund

Georgia is launching a $19.4 million education innovation fund to award grants to partnerships between local education entities businesses and nonprofit organizations that develop innovative programs for students. The fund was created with the help of a federal grant awarded through Georgia’s Race to the Top (RT3) plan. The Innovation Fund will provide competitive grantsRead… Read more »