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How to Leave Behind a Legacy

It’s amazing how many professional insights we can gain just from a presidential transition. Last week, we discussed measuring the drapes before getting to the office and the importance of planning management and administration tactics ahead of time. This time, let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the people lined up to take our placeRead… Read more »

Transition Tips: 5 Steps to a Presidential Appointment

If you’ve been around Washington long enough, the following should come as no surprise: if you’re a government civil servant interested in landing a presidential or political appointment in the new Administration, the chances are not in your favor. Nevertheless, anything is possible during a presidential transition and longshots do come in — albeit rarely.Read… Read more »

The Next President: 4 Generations and 7 Years from Now

I invite you to read a blog post over at New Ideas for Government. Here’s an excerpt: The 2008 presidential race has been remarkable for many reasons. One of the most intriguing aspects of the contest has been the incredible diversity reflected in the candidates and their running mates. Consider the unprecedented role of gender,Read… Read more »