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Digital Era Ideas: 21 Images

Summary: Twenty-one Denovati Group images convey a variety of Digital Era ideas in simple and memorable terms. These images are available for use by others, with proper attribution. (from the Denovati SMART Blog) Since 2009, when I first started giving presentations about social media and other digital technologies, I have tried to create colorful andRead… Read more »

Social Media: Old Wine in New Bottles?

Summary: We often refer to social media as “new tools for doing old things.” In fact, it was the tagline for The Denovati Group’s predecessor, Social Media in Organizations (SMinOrgs). Like many simply stated ideas, it can be subject to (mis)interpretation, including equating the idea with “old wine in new bottles.” This post explains theRead… Read more »

“Social Media” is SO 2009! 7 Proposed Digital Terminology Upgrades

At the risk of inspiring unresolvable semantic discussions, this post offers seven examples of digital terminology that should probably be replaced and/or removed from the lexicon and suggests both existing and new alternative terminology to use instead. It also includes some of the dialogue that followed its original publication on the former blog. What otherRead… Read more »

The Social Media Quiz (SMQ): Assessing Sophistication

The Denovati Social Media Quiz (SMQ) has been one of the most popular SMART Resources we have created. Now approaching its fifth year of use, the third version generally represents the universe of social media sites and tools and can be used to quickly capture people’s knowledge and experience. This post provides an overview andRead… Read more »