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Digital Era Ideas: 21 Images

Summary: Twenty-one Denovati Group images convey a variety of Digital Era ideas in simple and memorable terms. These images are available for use by others, with proper attribution. (from the Denovati SMART Blog)

Since 2009, when I first started giving presentations about social media and other digital technologies, I have tried to create colorful and memorable expressions and images that convey various ideas in simple and powerful ways. I have assembled twenty-one of my favorites in a slide deck that can be accessed via our SlideShare channel.

I have included some of these Digital Era ideas – like Social Tech Makes the World Go ‘Round (slide 7) and Organizations Get “Social” (slide 8) – in virtually all of the presentations I’ve given over the past several years. Other ideas – like Thinking Beyond Social Technology (slide 9), The Evolution of Work (slide 14), and Leading Technology Initiatives (slide 15) – were newly developed this year. And interestingly, there are others that I developed several years ago, stopped using, then recently resurrected – like OMG, Social Media is SO Last Century! (slide 4) and The Value of Social Media Expertise (slide 19).

All of the images are available for download via the Denovati SMART Resources Pinterest board. You are welcome to download and use either individual slides from this deck or the Pinterest images, as long as you respect our copyrights and retain attribution to the sources.

If you use any of our Digital Era ideas and/or have favorites, please add a comment and/or message us at [email protected]. Thanks!

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