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Closing the Tech Gap by Closing the Education Gap: Insights from The State Department

“To close the technology gap, we need everyone. We need girls whose cultures don’t value their education. We need talented people who live in poverty. We need everyone.” -Lila Ibrahim, President, Coursera I recently attended the [email protected]:EdTech event, a forum dedicated to leveraging education technology to aid U.S. diplomacy and development. There were many innovativeRead… Read more »

Live-Blogging [email protected]: Looking to the Future

The afternoon’s plenary panel looked ahead 5-10 years to imagine what social media will look like and discuss what we can do now to prepare for the huge volume of data it’s bound to entail. The panel was moderated by Rob Zitz (SAIC) and consistet of Lou Martinage (Microstrategy), Rand Waltzman (DARPA), and Patrick MeierRead… Read more »

Live-Blogging [email protected]: Drinking from the Fire Hose

I attended the breakout session: Drinking from the Fire House, which looked at the impact of and strategies and techniques for dealing with the explosion of data. John Kelly (Morningside Analytics) moderated a panel that consisted of Jason Hines (Recorded Future), Eddie Smith (Topsy), Jonathan Gosier (Metalayer), and Adam Sharp (Twitter). The presentations were aRead… Read more »

Live-Blogging [email protected]: Ignite Sessions

Clay Johnson, author of “Information Diet.” The U.S. started with a constituent to representative ratio of 60,000:1 and is now somewhere over 700,000:1. There will be a crisis if government can’t take the huge and growing amount of information from people and interpret it and use it in an effective way. With more and moreRead… Read more »

Live-Blogging [email protected]: Real-Time Awareness in Different Contexts

The first panel of the day was on how various organizations use social media and internet-enabled data to create real-time awareness. The panel was moderated by Dr. Linton Wells (National Defense University) and included panelists Robert Bectel (Department of Energy), Robert Kirkpatrick (UN Global Pulse), Ahmed Al Omran (NPR), and Clark Freifeld ( Each discussedRead… Read more »

Live-Blogging [email protected]: “No Tweet Stops Bleeding.”

I’ll be live-blogging [email protected]’s Real-Time Awareness throughout the day. To keep tabs on what’s going on, you can check out #techatstate on Twitter, or watch the livestream here: The opening keynote address was given by Craig Fugate, Administrator of FEMA. Fugate discussed the role of social media in disaster response and challenged the conventionalRead… Read more »

[email protected]: Real-Time Awareness (Feb 3, 2012)

The State Department is hosting the next [email protected] tomorrow. This installment’s topic is real-time awareness and, with such a great line-up of speakers and panelists, tickets have sold-out. However, there’s no need to fear! There are still several ways you can follow the action: I’ll be live-blogging (or, if my multitasking skills/technology fail me, justRead… Read more »