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Can First Time Supervisors Avoid Rookie Mistakes?

In the public sector, first time supervisors are being promoted into positions as a result of attrition, retirement, and the like. Now is the perfect time to address some issue new leaders may face to help them potentially avoid making rookie mistakes. Tom Fox, Vice President for Leadership and Innovation at the Partnership for PublicRead… Read more »

Are New Controls on Conferences and Travel an Overreaction?

Government trainings are important. They provide valuable skills to government employees so that they can better do their jobs. However, since the GSA conference scandal, it’s been more difficult than ever for federal workers to justify conferences and trainings. Some of these controls are good, but some may be detrimental to the good work governmentRead… Read more »

Amid a rough month for public service, recognition and the silver lining

Let’s face it; it hasn’t been the best few weeks for federal government. Between the GSA scandal, the Secret Service scandal, and the dishonorable acts of a few soldiers in Afghanistan, public servants are getting a bad rap. Luckily, we know 98% of federal workers are hard-working, mission-driven people focused on efficiency. Christopher Dorobek ofRead… Read more »