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Congratulations Dept of the Interior, Office of the Secretary Internship Program. Pathways officially started July 12th, 2012. I believe that DOI is first federal agency to post a PATHWAYS Internship announcement on Open July 16 to July 23, 2012. Good work HR Specialist: [email protected] But check out below … this is only a 3Read… Read more »

Agency Facebook Career Pages + USAJobs Integration? Finally!!

Government needs to start engaging with talent better. The company Work4 Labs, Inc., has introduced a way for Federal agencies to push their jobs listed on USAJobs directly to their Agency’s Facebook page. Now, candidates can not only view jobs on Facebook, but also have the ability at the job level to see who elseRead… Read more »


I taught 9 classes in Bahrain to US Navy Sailors a few weeks ago. We discovered these 9 major problems with applying for a federal job online over and over again! If you have other problems with the automated application systems, please write comments here. I will forward your suggestions to our USAJOBS point ofRead… Read more »

Federal Hiring — Want to vent?

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) recently announced that only 2.3% of 35,000 college students surveyed are interested in pursuing federal employment. Looking beyond myopic political rhetoric, my sense is the main causes for this is the government itself. The competitive hiring process is frustrating, exasperating, and difficult to manage even with recentRead… Read more »

Don’t Fall Into the Simple Math Trap: Use the 80% Rule on USAJOBS

I just did a quick search on USAJobs to find out how many positions are currently posted: over 5000! Our natural tendency with that information is often to apply to more positions. Don’t fall into the simple math trap–the more positions I apply to, the better my chances. In my mind, quality trumps quantity 99Read… Read more »

Daily Dose: OPM Under Scrutiny for USAJOBS at House Hearing

Today the House is examining whether OPM is “properly equipped to handle an increasing number of federal job applications and the timely payment of retirement benefits.” This is the result of several issues surrounding the USAJOBS website; Rep. Dennis Ross (R-Fla.) points out that “taxpayers are now paying for a system that doesn’t work, costsRead… Read more »

GovLaunch: getting a makeover, coming offline, the Federal Government’s official job website, will scrap its current design and unveil a new look next month that is said to be more user-friendly. The new site is said to be modeled after many shopping websites. According to this article over at GovExec: “USAJobs 3.0, designed to make the process smoother for potentialRead… Read more »

HR=Humans Represent: Snag a Summer Job

If you are a student, or know of one who is looking for a summer job, why not consider federal government work? Federal agencies have summer job openings for students and recent college graduates – and not all of the openings are in our nation’s capital! Did you know that each year federal agencies lookRead… Read more »