“Thank You for Your Service”

Over the past year or so, I have made it a habit to say a simple phrase to every TSA Security Officer that checks my identification and boarding pass:

“Thank you for your service.”

Some of them seem surprised, or maybe even a bit confused. Others just say “Thank YOU!” in return. I’m sure their normal day includes a significant number of impatient and irate travelers that express a completely different sentiment.

Often we thank our men and women who serve in the military for their heroic activities – and we should!

But I think we should also make it a point to thank everyone who decides to serve their country through public sector employment.

Do you ever get thanked by citizens?

Do you thank your colleagues in other agencies?

I’d love to start a simple movement that begins in airport lines, but burgeons to become a national renewal of public service appreciation that extends to park service rangers and public works employees.

Will you join me in saying this one simple phrase?

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Terrence (Terry) Hill

Great idea Andrew! Having volunteered with TSOs, I can tell you that it is truly a “thankless” job, like many positions in government service. Let’s show our appreciation for public servants everywhere!

Andrew Krzmarzick

That’s true….and what I forgot to mention was that 95% of the agents that I have encountered lately have been really pleasant and polite despite being targets of stress and frustration. It’s as if they have gone through some kind of customer service training…really exemplary, IMHO.

Dena Mirando

I completely agree with this one. I am an Army veteran who got out in ’07 while my husband is a career officer. I currently work as a civilian employee for the DOD. When we go to family gatherings, it’s always about “him” getting thanked for his service…not that I am bent on it, but I stand back and think, “wow there are so many people who continuously serve our nation whom are not attached to a weapon”. Even though I carry one, there are so many others who have sacrificed their lives in order for our government to run. Kudo’s to you all!