The Future of Technology Is Here: EMC’s Cloud Revolution

One of my history professors in college used to always say “Do not condescend to the people of the past.” This is a hard rule to follow, especially when learning about how our ancestors perceived technological changes. It is difficult to take seriously historical fears that the advent of the telephone would tear apart the fabric of society, for example. Yet, there is evidence that we may be in the midst of a monumental technological revolution that future generations may judge us for being too risk-averse to notice. According to EMC, our shift to cloud technology is as significant as the industrial revolution.

“It is my view and my impression that cloud is one of the biggest changes that we are seeing right now,” said James Petter, Vice President and country manager UK & Ireland, EMC, according to CloudPro. “You can equate it to the Industrial Revolution – it will change the way we work, it will change the way that our employees work and will certainly change the cost model as we see it right now,” stated Petter at the EMC forum in London.

While cloud itself is a revolutionary technology, the true impact of cloud is how much it is impacting other technologies. The industrial revolution mechanized all of daily life’s essentials; with EMC technology, the cloud revolution could put all of our essential technologies on a cloud platform.

Jeremy Burton, executive vice president of product operations, solutions and marketing, argued that the cloud is ushering in a new era of computing. “[There is] a whole host of applications, some of them delivering information from the big data analytics systems, some of them allowing folks to collaborate using social networking, and the vast, vast majority of them being deployed on some kind of cloud platform,” said Burton.

The cloud revolution is meeting some obstacles. While many organizations are embracing big data, analytics, and social media, agencies have not fully leveraged the power of those technologies by moving them to a cloud platform.

Agencies recognize the power of the technologies Burton listed. GovLoop’s most recent survey on analytics found that over 50% of agencies are deploying analytics. According to ComputerWeekly, 75% of IT decision makers in the UK believe that their organizations will be improved significantly by the use of big data. Yet, agencies still seem to be hesitant to operate these technologies through the cloud.

EMC’s research has demonstrated the optimality of cloud platforms for emerging trends and agenices should pay attention. Switching to EMC’s cloud computing, agencies receive 25% greater storage efficiency, 250% faster application performance, 10 times faster backups, and 30 times faster recoveries.

The cloud revolution is here. Is your agency ready to make history?

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