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More Than Buzz – Redefine Federal IT

“If our federal government can truly implement a more transparent and open environment that leverages the proven insights and efficiencies available from big data, I’m really optimistic that the impact can be truly transformational.” – Audie Hittle, CTO, EMC Isilon in GovLoop’s Capitalizing on the Open Data Revolution guide.  There’s a lot of buzzwords inRead… Read more »

Technology’s Role in Powering Open Data Initiatives

Below is an excerpt from GovLoop’s latest guide, Capitalizing on the Open Data Revolution. You can access the full guide here. Recently, Audie Hittle, federal chief technology officer, Isilon Storage Division, EMC Corporation, sat down with GovLoop to discuss how data can transform the federal government. GovLoop: How do you see big data and openRead… Read more »

Are You Prepared to Withstand Unplanned Downtime, Security Breaches and Data Loss?

EMC recently released the 2013 IT Trust Curve Global Study. EMC states, “The 2013 IT Trust Curve Global Study surveyed 3,200 respondents in 16 markets around the globe to assess their organizations’ IT maturity levels and ability to withstand and quickly recover from disruptive incidents such as unplanned downtime, security breaches and data loss.” IRead… Read more »

It Just Keeps Getting Better: EMC Shows You How To Optimize Your Cloud and Virtualization Systems

Has your agency transitioned to the cloud yet? If so, you are definitely not alone. More and more government agencies are taking that leap and using the cloud to successfully manage and store their growing volumes of data. EMC, a market leader in cloud solutions, is hosting an upcoming event on the benefits of cloudRead… Read more »

What Does it Take to Excel With Big Data?

Ever feel like there is data everywhere – yet not an insight to be found? It’s a common challenge facing organizations today, especially as organizations are flooded with information. The good news is that we are just getting started with big data, and innovations will continue to accelerate as regulations take hold, infrastructures are built,Read… Read more »

3 Ways to Reduce Waste, Fraud and Abuse

As more government agencies move to self-service and eliminate paper based transactions, agencies must place an emphasis of preventing waste, fraud and abuse. These efforts come when agencies are required to deliver increased services, at lower costs. In a time when the economy is slowly climbing out of a recession, increased pressures have been placedRead… Read more »