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The SEVEN Gov’t Stories you need to know…including a Prostitution Scandal with the Secret Service

Newscast for Monday April 16, 2012 by cdorobek

The SEVEN stories that impact your life in YOUR GOVERNMENT COUNTDOWN:

  1. 11 secret services agents were put on administrative leave on Saturday in Colombia after they allegedly brought prostitutes back to their hotel rooms. The Defense Department says and additional five military service members were suspended for breaking curfew and unspecified “inappropriate conduct.” The Washington Post says the agents were assigned to the area, before President Obama went to Colombia for a diplomatic mission. The President has expressed outrage if this allegations are true and has already launched an inquiry into the matter.
  2. The GSA’s inspector General is asking the Justice Department to launch a criminal investigation on the man who is being largely blamed for the 2010 Western Regions Conference — Jeffrey Neely. The Washington Post reports, Neely a career senior executive, took various electronic items for his personal use from a GSA storeroom. The inspector general also wants prosecutors to be on the lookout for possible contracting violations.
  3. A new email scam is targeting military personnel and Vets. The Washington Post says the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS), which manages accounting and financial operations in the Defense Department, has issued a warning about scam e-mails seeking personal information. The bogus messages appear to come from a DFAS employee with a dot mil address. The email says anyone who are receiving disability compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs can get more money from the IRS. DFAS is looking into who is behind the bogus emails.
  4. New York’s top technology officer has resigned. The New York Times says Carole Post resigned after clashing repeatedly with a deputy mayor over the management of several costly and troubled technology projects — like the cities updated 911 emergency call system.
  5. You might remember last year’s failed online privacy bill SOPA. Tech groups are gearing up in opposition to another bill — this one about cyber-security. The Hill Newspaper says House Intelligence Chairman Mike Rogers has proposed a bill which encourages private companies and the federal government to share information related to cybersecurity threats. Rogers says the bill is different that SOPA — but there is already growing opposition, including civil liberty groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union, and some tech groups.
  6. With the political season ramping up Congress is considering changes to the Hatch Act. Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings is pushing his Oversight and Government Reform Committee to consider the Hatch Act Modernization Act this week. Federal News Radio says the bill would give the government new options for dealing with feds who break the rules about political activity.
  7. And right here on GovLoop — did you finish your taxes? Yes — tax day. And GovLoop has the story about the IRS going mobile — the IRS updated its mobile Web site. You can’t quite pay your taxes from your smart phone yet, but… really, it’s only a matter of time, right?

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