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These Two People Are Important… You Should Probably Get To Know Them

So it’s that time of year again for GovLoop to add on fellows to help us continue to make GovLoop as awesome as possible. We’ve had some good ones in the past and the two coming in should be no exception.

With that said, I want to introduce the community to the two people who made it through the grueling (not really, but Steve and I do ask weird questions) interview process.

Jeff Ribeira Jeff comes to GovLoop fresh out of BYU in Utah. To say that Jeff is traveled is an understatement. Just ask him about his time in Siberia. Jeff has actually interned with one of our partners (HP) before and rocked it out there. If you see any crazy good graphics showing up on GovLoop in the near future you can probably just assume it’s Jeff as photoshopping and photography is a hobby for him.

Tarryn Reddy Tarryn is currently finishing up her Masters in Public Policy at American University. She did her undergrad at UCLA. With a background in PR Tarryn knows her social media. Tarryn has definitely been active and has interned all over DC and with NBC studios out in LA. Oh yeah she’s from South Africa, too!

Feel free to friend them and invite them to groups and events. GovLoop can be a little intimidating at first with so many intelligent peeps around.

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John Moore

Welcome to the GovLoop team! This is the great community out there for those interested in making Government better, look forward to chatting with you both at some point.


Annie Sells

Welcome to GovLoop! I am sure I speak for many, when I say we look forward to seeing what your expertise and new perspectives bring to the “community.” Congrats!