To Build or Not to Build- Private Optimal Networks

We’ve all been there before. You are against a deadline, scrambling to finish your work, and your internet is crawling or worse, the network crashes. You hope all your work saved, but most likely you will need to re-do something. Now you are even further behind schedule, frustrated, and still dealing with the same issues as before. Nothing slows down the productivity of your workforce like a poor network connection or limited bandwidth. In a time when government agencies need to do much more with fewer resources and funding, your agency’s network is fundamental to meeting mission goals. Officials are quickly realizing the importance of having visibility into network operations and a trusted connection. Furthermore, with the constant threat of important information being hacked, officials know they need to invest in reliable and secure networking technologies. These technologies allow government to operate with greater efficiency and security, and makes your workforce much more productive.

To meet a wide range of strategic mission goals, government organizations require seamless access to modern, assured networks. Without it, agencies can’t expect to meet the rising demands of citizens, increase productivity, leverage various technologies like social media and prepare for the mobile era. Knowing this one thing, but what do you actually do about it? With tight budgets and increasing regulatory scrutiny, many agencies feel stuck. They want to leverage innovative technologies and provide the best for its employees, but need to prove ROI quickly and often think transitioning networks is a huge undertaking. However, this isn’t always the case.

On June 20, Ciena is hosting a free online session to discuss how many agencies, from U.S. Department of Defense to NASA, are implementing assured Private Optimal Networks to increase productivity and meet mission-critical goals. In an era of increasing budget constraints and growing demand for network bandwidth, many government agencies are wrestling with the choice of building dedicated, private networks or continuing to buy network services on an incremental basis. However, transitioning to a Private Optical Network isn’t as daunting as you might think. Register to attend a free online session on June 20 at 2PM ET in which Ciena will discuss why many agencies are moving to Private Optical Networks to address:

  • Supporting multiple, high-bandwidth services
  • Greater network security
  • Rapid turn-up time for new services

You can learn more and register for the free training here.

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