Top 5 .Govs for Govies Sites


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Webmasters often wonder:

What government sites do government employees actually use?

I remember my bookmarks and the ones I checked constantly were:

1) USAJOBS – Oops…it’s a non-secret that lots of Govies are looking for their next gov’t job. I see that USAJOBS red screen out of the corner of my eye a lot.

2) – How much money do I have in retirement? Always a big one.

3) GSA Per Diem Rates – Where am I going for travel? How much loot do I get to spend?

4) OPM Pay Scale – So you’re a Grade 12, Step 1 now. Let’s map out what a 12, Step 5 makes or 13, 2.

5) My Intranet – The agency made it my home page but I actually liked it as a way to keep up with what is going on in my agency.

You? What 5 .govs do you visit regularly?

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