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Top 5 – How to Host an Off-Site Team Meeting


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Most organization have an off-site team meeting at some point. They are often used as strategy sessions and team-building sessions among other goals.

Recently, we held the 1st ever GovLoop team off-site. Here are my tips on hosting a great off-site.

1) Prepare – Nothing is worse than going to an unplanned offsite. This will take time so plan ahead all of the logistics

2) Make people read/think before – Every offsite always requires a reading or thinking before offsite but rarely do people do it. You need to make this mandatory. You could go round table 1st thing getting people’s ideas for example

3) Lots of breaks – Often the best part of the off-site happens in the break. That’s two people who never hang out driving to get the pizza. Or working out at the gym randomly. This is important

4) Fun – You need a fun team outing. Whether this is a Segway tour, poker tournament, or golf, there needs a human element of fun.

5) Actually follow-up – Yes…this is the hardest part. Everybody has been part of great off-sites with lots of ideas that go nowhere. You need a team and action steps to move items forward

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#6 – Tangible product – Mindmap, written list of To-Dos, Google Doc of lessons learned, anything to capture the great ideas generated during the offsite.