Top 5 Things Not to Say When Teleworking


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5 Things Not to Say When Teleworking

Most of us are good teleworkers. Some are bad and abuse it. For those bad teleworkers, here are 5 things not to say when the boss calls while you are teleworking

1 – “Don’t worry. That’s just the baby” – umm..yeah…you are not working at home to babysit.

2 – “I don’t like to talk when I’m driving. Can I call you back?”….I think you are supposed to be working at 10am. Where are you going?

3- “Who do you like better – Dr. Phil or Oprah? I’m not sure – they were both so good today.” I’m stuck at meetings and you are watching Tom Cruise jump on couches.?

4-“Did you see Mad Men this week? That’s cool how they drink at work.” Don’t even tell me you are drinking a spiked lemonade for lunch. I just don’t want to know.

5 – “This Mafia Wars is addicting. Have you played it?” I don’t even want to imagine you playing video games all day at home.

You? What’s your top 5?

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The IBM Center for The Business of Government

1. “srry msg is shrt; network is havng prblms

Sent from my Verizon Wireless Blackberry”

Molly Walker

When I was with another company, several years ago, I actually heard someone go through a DRIVE-THRU for fast food during a conference call. He must have thought his line was on mute. Ridiculous.

Victoria A. Runkle

Here is another one: don’t let your significant other answer the phone, say you will get him, and you can hear a lawn mower stop in the background, and the employee comes to the phone.

Thomas L. Watson

Federal pay debate
Our country is in the middle of a deep recession with public concern about deficit spending and now the spin doctors and pundits think that federal salaries are too high. I’m a GS-11 level public servant, and all pay tables for federal employees are public information, posted at
Take my job as an example; I’m a Shipbuilding Specialist working at Naval Base San Diego doing government oversight for repair of the Navy ships by contractors working at the local shipyards. My degree is in hard work and on the job training with specialized training requirements for marine paint inspection, welding inspection, electrical, mechanical, structural, propulsion, combat, navigation, logistical acquisition, technical blueprint reading, repair manuals, and financial contract applications. All of which is inputted, tracked and recorded by me using the latest in a centralized computer data base, for accountability by my coworkers and management.
In order to perform my job I have to work in one of the worlds most dangerous working environments the shipyard and ship board, to keep our ships for the men and women of the US Navy repaired and safe when they perform their missions to keep our country free. If I were to compare my knowledge skills and pay to that of my counter parts at other shipyards or naval maintenance centers in the United States, our current position and salary is not even at the same pay level! So if my federal pay is too high for what I do, please contact me through the San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council and walk in my shoes for a day at work, to see if you agree with the pundits.
Tom Watson
President IFPTE Local 32


1. Leaving your to-do list of errands on your wall calendar for co-workers to see what all you’ve crammed into your telecommute day (hair, nails, and a trip to Blockbuster)
2. Calling the employee’s phone number and an elderly person answers…turns out they’ve forwarded their home phone to grandpa’s, and he tells you that they drove into town to do some shopping and will be back after 4:00!
3. Saying there was a problem with their internet so they couldn’t complete the project, and you later discover they were on FB playing Farmville for an extended period of time that day.
4. Phoning the employee’s house, and when you ask to speak with them, you are told they are on at a job interview and should be back in in a couple of hours.
5. They return the next day after telecommuting, and tell you how they waited in line outdoors in the heat for four hours the day before with their spouse to get tickets to an event coming to town.

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