Top 5 – Ways to Look Important at the Office

Top 5 – Ways to Look Important at the Office

I’m writing a little series on Top 5s. I’ll write my top 5s on various topics and I encourage you to write yours.

Appearance can be everything. People don’t know what you are really doing so it is important to “look important”.

Here’s my 5 tips:

1 – Moleskin – You must carry around a moleskin or other cool looking black binder and jot notes in it.yes””> Your thoughts must be important and you must be paying attention. A lame oversized pad or
scrap paper looks lame.

2 – Walk fast – If you have a little “step” in your step, people assume you got things going on. Walking around slow and lethargic..people think you aren’t doing

3 – Wear glasses. Enough said.

4 – Hang with perceived smart people – People perceive you based on who you hang with. Hang with the movers and shakers even if not invited.yes””> Remember it’s like the cool table in high school.

5 – Name drop – Talking to a friend about your project? Name drop that you just talked to head of the whole agency about it. Even if what you really mean is you rode the elevator with them and they nodded and
said a quick “hi” and that was it

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