Top 5 Ways to Rock Out at Next Gen

IT’s HERE!!!!!

This is it guys…Next Generation of Government #2 is upon us. This is your community, your conference, and your awesomeness.

I’ve been giddy all week with the epicness on the horizon. That said, sometimes it helps to take a breather and step back before 2 days of nonstop synapse firing to get your ducks in a row and maximize the experience. Here are a couple things you can do before and during the conference:

1. Read over the agenda, and pick out the sessions you want to attend in advance.

2. Know what the hashtag is! It’s #NGGS11 and tweet anything cool you hear! You’ll probably make some new friends in the process.

3. Talk to people – everyone and anyone. Some of the best takeaways of a conference like this are the people you will meet. Don’t know that many people? Lots of others will be in your shoes, so if you break the ice with: “hey, where do you work?” Or, “hey, what are you passionate about?” will probably foray you into some awesome conversations. Also, that person will probably thank you for talking to them and helping them feel less awkward!

4. Write down your ideas in the journal you’ll get when you sign in for the first time. Better yet, throw up a short blog post and we’ll include it in our blog round-up!

5. Ask lots of questions in sessions. Anything you can come up with is probably something someone else wants to hear.

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