Top 5: Work Performance Drugs (No Mark McGwire)

Well, I’m not a performance athlete. And I’m no Mark McGwire or Lance Armstrong.

But we all have our own “work performance drugs” – the legal kind that is.

Here’s my top 5 that keep me productive at work:

1. Coffee – This is the #1 stimulant in the world. And the reason the work world moves around. Personally for me, I’m a tall Pike with milk and sugar kind of guy.

2. Coke Zero/Diet Coke – Soda is key. And it seems everyone is on the diet kick these days. To me, this is an ideal afternoon boost. I’ve had a couple of colleagues who were obsessed with Diet Mountain Dew

3. Birthday cake – Ahh…nothing like the work birthday celebration. Got 10 things to do today but the party is at 4…then you go into super work mode.

4. Music – Kick out the jams. Put on some great music, put on the headphones, and let me crank away. I have a special Spotify playlist of 20 songs that I change out weekly (mix of indie pop, rap, and classic rock)

5. Alcohol – Not drinking on the job…but it is the social lubricant where a lot of work is actually done. Where all the BS is put away and the connections are made so you work through the problem that’s been taking forever.

Bonus Tip – Telework – If I really need to crank a bunch of work done, I need a day at home on telework just cranking out emails and documents.

What fuels you?

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Adriel Hampton

Commute nap – this is why I love public transit. And coffee – it’s not an addiction, it’s a symbiotic relationship with the indigenous coffee growers of the world.

Andrew Krzmarzick

YouTube videos…someone will say something and I think of a song…go find the video and get all revved up for what comes next!

Like this 🙂

Henry Brown

Guess for me Caffeine is the “drug” of choice…. Whether it be Coffee, “coke”, energy drinks (red Bull comes to mind), and then tea. with each of them comes some different “drugs”. My second choice would be chocolate.

Nicholas Charney

I can’t believe that I just actually watched that old music video Andrew posted in the comments. Side note: Huey Lewis and the News was like my fav band when I was little.

Nichole Henley

it’s people! interactions with my co-workers! I get energized just by having a conversation with someone. How’s your wife? son? What do you think about that oil leak in the gulf? Can you BELIEVE last night’s LOST episode? Does my outfit match? And what’s even better about my conversations with people is if I meet someone who is just a happy, talkative and opinionated. I THRIVE on good communication. That and a good cup of coffee NEVER let me down. These are one of the main reasons I go to work everyone!! THE PEOPLE!!!! 🙂

Caryn Wesner-Early

Hear, hear, Nichole! When I have to work somewhere that’s too quiet, and I can’t hear people talking, I get very antsy. Talking to them myself is best, but if not, I need a hum of activity around me. Gives me energy!

Melissa Wideman

My top performance boosters are (in no particular order): coffee, exercise, a good night’s sleep, good loud music, and working from home with lots of natural light and my cats.

Sonja Newcombe

What motivates me on the job? I like your motivators; they may make me bounce off the walls. Can you tell I am a morning person? I hope I never change, I love my energy. I get tired of the chemical , fake energizers. I need a natural lasting motivator.

1) The severity of the issue.

2) The excitement of new day new possible issues.

3) I am a natural self-motivator; i can’t rely on substance other than my natural curiosity.

Jennifer Sardam

I MUST have coffee (was a daily extra hot Starbucks quad Venti latte minimum, before I had a bun in the oven, and that was just the beginning). Now the budget and the current condition calls more for the occasional splurge of a grand half-caf latte (depending on the day), or some kind of cheapo brand of K-Cup to get me through. 6 bucks a day was on a contractor salary…lol.

Mark Hammer

Isn’t “death before decaff” the state motto of Washington, or is it just the municipal motto of Seattle?

My performance-enhancing drug is usually interesting data. A fresh pot of new and fascinating data can easily have me going “Oh crap. I missed the last express bus. Didn’t realize how late it was getting.”

Sonja Newcombe

LOL, pay attention Mark ….. I can give you a lift…..but i am coming from ABQ,NM….LOL…It’s Monday…..

Lori Bills

My list isn’t quite the same….

1. An Apple – it’s a great energy booster!

2. A Brisk Walk – to wake up the body and mind!

3. Music – I like to keep the music going all day as long as I can, I find that is easier to do when I telwork.

4. Reading and Meditation – just 10 minutes provides a boost. Inspiration – 365 days a year by Zig Ziglar has some great quotes that help me get going again and stay focused when I’ve hit a low energy point in the afternoon.

5. 20-30 of Exercise – I enjoy this after work if I can fit it inbetween kids after school extra-curricular activities, if not right after work then little later in the evening.

Snacking every few hours beats a big lunch – unless you have to meet a friend for lunch – order your favorite and ENJOY the down time!!!!