Facilities are Mission Critical: GIS-based Real Property Management for Federal Government

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Imagine the US Federal Government without its facilities. In an instant you appreciate the mission critical role they play in housing and protecting assets and personnel. The roles of federal real property (FRP) managers are also mission critical, requiring technologies that are equal to solving the complex challenges associated with effectively managing FRP.

The US federal real property portfolio represents one of our nation’s most valuable and strategic assets. In this era of “save money, save time, save lives, and save the planet,” the scope is enormous when it comes to sound and effective management of federal real property. The mission critical nature of FRP warrants better tools for portfolio management, operations, and safety and security.

Join this on-demand training as we discuss how GIS-based real property management technology meets these mission critical challenges. See all that this training has to offer including:

  • Better data management
  • Critical decision support
  • Adaptability and scalability, from strategic to tactical
  • Facility lifecycle solutions for portfolio management, operations, and safety and security
  • Phased or all-systems-go implementation approaches

Bill Barron, Chief Executive Officer, PenBay Solutions

Benton Yetman, Director/Strategic Technology, PenBay Solutions

John Young, Practice Lead, Real Property and Facility Management Solutions, Esri


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