GIS-based Real Property Management for Government

Recently, GovLoop, Esri, and PenBay Solutions hosted an online training titled, “Facilities are Mission Critical: GIS-based Real Property Management for Government”, to illustrate how facility managers can utilize GIS to improve building and real property management.

The speakers for the online training included:

  • Bill Barron, Chief Executive Officer of PenBay Soltutions
  • Benton Yetman, Director/Strategic Technology at PenBay Solutions
  • John Young, Practice Lead, Real Property and Facility Management Solutions

The presentations demonstrated how GIS solves key business challenges through three common facilities functions: Portfolio planning and management, operations, and safety and security.  Each of these strategic challenges are prominent throughout the facility development process and can be simplified through InVision’s integrated, scalable platform.

The online training also explained the thinking and background behind GIS-based real property management and included a demo on how the PenBay system works. The presentation highlighted the cost-effective nature of using GIS for facilities management. With GIS, managers can be granted the ability to make better decisions and improve overall efficiency of their buildings.

The speakers provided examples of how to improve portfolio management with PenBay Solution’s InVision Insite, Operations with InVision FM, and Safety and Security with InVision Secure. The demonstration showed how users can start slow with specific complex challenges by utilizing quantifiable results to implement focused solutions, and then produce effective results and expand into more broad solutions through InVision.

One example used during the online training to show the power of GIS and InVision for improved portfolio management was New York City. Planners can look at all properties and generate quantifiable relationships between different variables such as the proximity of leasers to landmarks or universities. GIS brings together a comprehensive inventory of all properties so that federal program managers can analyze impacts and create policy that will be successful in minimizing risks. They used the Blizzard Juno as an example to demonstrate the analysis of unpredictable real life impacts. The demo effectively displayed that GIS is a tool that is necessary to save time, money and lives.

Government agencies have seen significant ROI from reduced costs, improved efficiency and management of their facilities. GIS gives them the holistic view of their facilities data that is required to make better decisions for their agency.  Esri and PenBay Solutions guarantee accurate data that will increase efficiency while limiting future costs when using GIS for real property management. This online training showed exactly how this is done and the genuine value of GIS technology in the federal government.

For more information click on this link to listen to the on-demand version!

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