DorobekINSIDER LIVE: Healthcare Gone Digital

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Gone are the days where paper medical charts ruled. Now you can talk to your doctor on your laptop, make medical appointments on your phone, and wear any number of trackers to assess your health. Doctors and the healthcare system are taking advantage of this technology, too – hospital medical devices are connected via the Internet of Things; patient data is stored in the cloud; and Electronic Health Records allow providers to manage patient care through use and sharing of health information.

But these rapid advancements in healthcare technology have a downside: they’ve increased the ability for hackers to breach patients’ data, hold hospitals hostage via ransomware attacks, and perhaps even adversely affect biomedical devices.

Join Christopher Dorobek and his panel of government experts for this on-demand discussion on how IT is changing government healthcare.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • The risks and challenges in healthcare advancements.
  • Tips to help make sure that patient and medical data can stay safe, even in the age of the cloud.
  • How agencies like VA, CMS and HHS are investing in new technologies to make healthcare more digital.