Twitter Spreads Like Wildfire

Metaphorically speaking, someone apparently has lit a match (in San Francisco) in a dry forest with lots of leaves and brush with the right temperature and wind level and there is no water in sight.

A fire, you ask? In San Francisco?

Oh Yes. A fire. A huge, consuming everything in its sight fire (except for the moist logs that just smolder)…

Ok, let me get to the point. This is a Twitter fire. Twire? This fire has actually been growing for the last 12 months and has grown by 1382%. Or if you are more of a “show me the proof” kind of person, it looks like this:

February, 2008 -> February, 2009
475,000 users -> 7,038,000 users.

And the population group this wild fire is consuming the fastest? 35-49 years of age. Social media is not just for kids anymore…but since you are on GovLoop you probably already knew that!

Thank you Nielson Wire for your figures!

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