UConn? City of Austin Is The Real Champ

This time of year all the sports junkies out there are talking about basketball and who won last night’s NCAA championship. But what about us govies? We’re left talking about budget battles, possible shutdowns and pretty much everything else gloom and doom. All those things are important, but what about the awesome in government? It’s getting lost in the shuffle.

Well NOT ANYMORE! Last night, thanks to a surge in votes Austin Texas took home the GovMadness title (it was more interesting than the NCAA Championship game… really).

Austin took 60 percent of the final vote to knock off NASA, making the City of Austin the coolest kid on the proverbial government block. Seriously though Austin is doing a lot of things right. The city is growing like gangbusters and is creating jobs like nobody’s business.

We really want to thank everyone for buying into GovMadness… it’s crazy to think but we got more than 10,000 votes in the competition. And after those 10,000 unique votes GovLoop is pumped to present the City of Austin the title of most awesome local government and GovMadness Champions for 2011.

For all you other cities and agencies out there keep rocking out the awesome and there’s always next year.

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Doug Matthews

It’s awesome to be awesome…I only wish we had placed a friendly wager with NASA at the start. Maybe a guitar for a spacecraft? I think that’s fair.

Sterling Whitehead

I knew Austin was a stronghold of Gov 2.0, but I wasn’t expecting its victory over DC, San Fran or NASA.