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Unified, Adaptable & Secure: A Digital Workspace Solution for Corrections Agencies

Offenders and parolees deserve certain digital amenities at state and local corrections agencies, yet it can be difficult to find a secure way to provide these applications. Educational, training and legal resources help with rehabilitation, but access to forbidden activities, such as accessing unauthorized websites or sensitive information about other inmates, must be squandered to mitigate safety concerns.

Meanwhile, employees must be able to access department files, applications and data both onsite and remotely without fear of breaches. But low budgets, outdated IT systems and network misuse can leave the entire organization vulnerable to threats and exploitation.

Corrections agencies have the option of trying to overcome these issues individually and over time, but unified, adaptable and secure solutions work to mitigate risks.

A unified solution provides a single platform for configuring, monitoring and managing an agency’s IT infrastructure. This provides the same experience to all users and scales to cover remote employees. Finding a unified solution means less energy spent on multi-platform training and more time to spend on preparing to combat system disturbances.

Adaptable solutions shift to fit individual work habits and specific, necessary exceptions to the usual workplace flow. Algorithms and machine learning can be used to detect and acclimate to these differences, and adaptability allows for flexibility among the wide variety of positions within corrections agencies.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly for corrections departments, security should be at the forefront of IT priorities. When providing digital amenities to inmates, network visibility and predictive analytics let the agency proactively address misuse.

A secure digital workspace, for both employees and inmates, helps corrections departments fulfill their missions of public safety and successful reentry into society. From an employer’s perspective, staff is more efficient and productive in a safe environment. On an inmate’s end, security prevents access to sensitive information or unauthorized communications while still providing necessary resources.

To learn more about a unified, adaptable and secure solution that simplifies legal resources, educational classes and job search tools for offenders and parolees, register for Citrix’s online training, “Safeguarding Apps and Data for Corrections and Rehabilitation,” at 2 p.m. ET on Sept. 25.

For more information, or to register for the event, click here.

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