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UPDATE: OGI Conference “TweetBook” (First Ever!) Coming Together – Help?

Hi again, Folks!

Several of us (me, Marie Crandell, Pam Broviak, Roberta Croll, Nichole Uiterwijk, Helen Ortel, etc.) have spent the last couple days working on what I believe will be the first-ever “TweetBook” (at least from a government conference!). Here’s how it looks at the moment (not too shabby, eh?!):

OGITweetBook – OverallMock-Up.doc

What are your thoughts? Can you spare an hour or two to help in bringing it home? The items in red in the Table of Contents are those sessions where we need some gardening (with the exception of Weinberger’s keynote)…the original post with the raw data can be found in this original post at the top.

Also – if you have a better idea than summarizing each individual session (i.e. a Wordle?), then I am open to that kind of option (and assistance!) as well…since it could take some significant time to sort through the individual tweets for each session. We could just pull all of the tweets from sessions in that time frame and drop them into a tag cloud. Your thoughts?

I go on vacation for a couple weeks beginning on Sunday and would like to push to get it done before then….AND crowd-sourcing this project would demonstrate in real-time the power of social media on many levels.

If you can help, please indicate in the comments below which session(s) you’ll take. Thanks everyone!

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Profile Photo Pam Broviak

I am open to doing any one of the sessions – you can throw one or two more my way today or tomorrow.

For anyone else thinking about helping, Andy is right about the time commitment. It really takes only about an hour or two to condense the Tweets for one session. And you get to be part of a very cool project!

Profile Photo Marie Crandell

IT’s looking great!

I will take today/tonight,
Session 4-5: Opening the Future: The Potentials of Social Media
Session 1-6: Outside In: Innovation and Openness from Outside Government
Session 3-6: Embracing a Collaborative Culture

and see if I have any more time after that. When is the final final date/time EST to get these to you Andy?

Profile Photo Marie Crandell

Andy, or you can send me the segment for the sessions I offered to do in email I sent last night, as looking back that looks like more than this, should still be able to fit it in tonight, about 20-35 pages should be ok. Regards

Profile Photo Andrew Krzmarzick

By the way, if someone wants to take the Day 2 afternoon sessions, I have part of it done, but the rest is here (very, very little to sort out – 2 1/2 pages – shouldn’t take long at all: OGI Tweet – Day2 PM Sessions.doc

If someone could even take some portion of Day 2 AM Plenary from Pam, I sure she would appreciate it.

Lastly, we could use help with Day 1, PM Sessions…especially the second set of sessions. Let me know if you’re interested and I will post here as well.


Profile Photo Andrew Krzmarzick

Marie – Thank you!! Sorry I missed your second email last night. I just responded with two attachments – Day 1 PM Session and Day 2 PM Sessions (the link above).

If Pam takes Day 2 AM Sessions and John Sporing does Weinberger, Nichole at 1105 is almost done with Day 1 AM Sessions….which means we’re pretty much within reach!

Profile Photo Pam Broviak

Ok, I am done with the first set of sessions on Day 2 in the morning – will have to work on the second set tomorrow (Thurs.) and will send the whole thing back to you tomorrow evening if that is ok.

Profile Photo Jaime L. Maynard

Hi Andrew, this looks good. What a nice tool – and thanks for putting it together. Another possible tool (at least from the view of record keeping) is PrintYourTwitter.

As for suggestions on collating – rather than by session, how about by topic? I’m am sure there were tweets that were valid across sessions.

Profile Photo Andrew Krzmarzick

Hi Everyone – It’s almost done…just a few more things to do…should be released early next week.

Steve – my first attempt was to use the GovLoop wiki…too many tweets! Then I tried to set up an independent wiki…..still too much content! So for the sake of time, I used Word, but was able to leverage GovLoop to quickly share information with people….in the end, we had about 7 contributors who provided editing.formatting assistance. In terms of Google Docs specifically, I have used it before and don’t like the way formatting works…so would have needed to pull it into a Word doc ultimately for the fine tuning that it required.