From the VA to USAID: Biggest Innovations of 2016

2016 has been a great year for the public sector. Across agencies, IT departments are modernizing to enhance the lives of the citizens they serve. Our public sector workforce has worked hard this year and it shows.

In order to celebrate the year that was and get ready for 2017, DorobekINSIDER is counting down the ten best, most innovative stories that have happened in the public sector this year.

In case you missed it, check out the first four stories in the countdown here.

  1. Trends and Lessons from Government Health IT

Health IT is a growing trend among federal agencies. These awesome initiatives cover everything from the device you wear as a watch to mobile devices in hospitals that are transforming how doctors use information. Check out why it is so important and how you can start implementing programs in this post.

  1. How the Private Sector is Helping Government IT Modernization

As agencies are working to improve their IT systems, many are looking to the private sector for a little help. Throughout 2016, private-public partnerships allowed government to create more agile, flexible, scalable, and adaptable systems. Learn more about the private sector perspective here.

  1. Meet the Govie Making an Explosive Difference

We know public servants are making a difference, but it’s all too easy to take them for granite and gloss over their accomplishments. Check out this post that highlights a govie from USAID who is working hard to enhance emergency response capabilities to volcanic activity.

Can’t get enough of these inspiring government stories? Check back next week for our final installment.

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