What if Virtualization Were Easy?

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What if virtualization were easy? With HP, it is.

Take Dauphin County in Pennsylvania for instance. Tom Guenther, who oversees an IT group that provides enterprise-class services to more than 1,500 county employees, needed to expand his IT to meet the needs of Dauphin County’s 50 departments. With HP’s help, Guenther is able to consistently stay within budget – but how was he able to do it?

IT budget wasn’t the only factor Guenther needed to consider. Spending and staffing were important factors in the equation, so his IT needs became unique. He knew that the process was going to be a long one, so he was looking for a long-term relationship with a partner he could trust, one that had a proven track record.

As Guenther and HP began their relationship, it was clear that the IT challenges he faced could be solved with a strong virtualization solution from HP. Here’s a list of the IT improvements Guenther and his team were in need of:

  • Accommodate mix of network connections at minimal expense with modular switches
  • Centralize security management to improve network defenses and avoid data loss
  • Increase average server utilization and avoid additional purchases
  • Provision storage in minutes, without system downtime
  • Reduce time to deploy new services from hours or weeks to minutes

The results after working with HP? Guenther and his team are now able to consistently save 30 to 45% compared to hardware from other vendors, and have successfully rolled out new IT services without increasing their budget. Additionally, the County has been able to lower their server energy usage by a whopping 70%, all while saving on overall costs, time, and potential headaches.

For more information about Dauphin County, please visit http://www.dauphincounty.org/.

For more information about HP virtualization, please click here.

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